Motivational Water Bottle

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  • DESIGN – Our jumbo design can deliver your recommended daily water intake in one fill. Fitted with a brand new easy to drink cap, silicon seal and robust nylon carrying strap.
  • BPA FREE – Made from the toughest and safest BPA Free plastic. Our bottle offers the best alternative to single use plastic bottles. Reuse daily and do your bit to preserve our beautiful planet!
  • VERSATILE – Can be used for almost anything. The gym, pre and post work out, bodybuilding, weight loss, camping, travelling, exercise and all other outdoor sport as well as at home and in the office.


The motivational bottle was designed with one aim, to make is easier to drink the correct amount of water. The sleek body is engineered for the perfect compromise between holding the right capacity while remaining comfortable to use and carry around. The bottle also features a fast flowing straw mouth piece which makes drinking super easy.

With our busy lifestyle it can be difficult to find time to ensure you’re drinking enough water or keep track of how much water you have drunk, the motivation tracker bottle is designed solve these problems. Every bottle has our uniquely formulated time schedule printed on the back, which prompts you to drink water in smaller, consistent amounts and after 2 refills your full daily recommended water intake would have been achieved.

Available in a range of eye catching colours. Stand out from the crowd and hydrate in style.


Made from 100% BPA free high quality plastic, which is reusable and non-leaching meaning you will have great tasting water every time.  A major aim for Hydrate Bottles is to help people drink more water and also reduce their consumption of single use plastic bottles. In the UK on average a single person will use an estimated 150 plastic bottles every year, imagine the difference if that that 150 became 1.

Together we can make a difference and help protect our beautiful planet. Swap the multiple disposables for a Hydrate Bottle which will last for years.

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