Dehydration Effect

What Are The Effects Of Dehydration?

Water is the essence of life. A deficiency of water in the body results in a phenomenon known as dehydration. In this case, the body loses more water than we intake and fails to replenish the lost body fluids. As a result, the mineral content of the body gets...

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9 Ways To Stay Hydrated

9 Ways To Keep Yourself Hydrated

In the summertime especially, it is important not to forget about the excessive humidity and heat that so often comes along with it. More humidity means a whole lot of sweat which consists mainly of water but also toxins and electrolytes. One negative aspect of sweating is that it...

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How Much Water Should You Be Drinking Per Day?

The body is about 60% of water give or take and water is essential for a healthy life. Remarkably though, it’s ironic that there is little to misconstrued scientific consensus on the exact amount of water you should consume daily. Many health authorities often recommend drinking at least 8...

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Why Water Is Important

Why Is Water Important?

‘Water is Life’ is one common cliché that we have come accustomed to when answering the above question. Nonetheless, it’s probably one of the most powerful messages the whole creation bears witness to. When it comes to living things, particularly, humans, the benefits of water are limitless. In fact, humans can only...

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how much water in the human body graphic

How Much Water Is In The Human Body?

In order for the human body to function, one of the most important things that it requires is water. Irrespective of health goals, every individual is advised to consume water respectively of their specific needs. But, have you ever wondered how much water does our body already contains? Well,...

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